Live. Love. Laugh.

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La vida es cuesta arriba, pero la vista es genial.

I am not an object.

I am not a doormat that you step on.
I am not something you can change to fit your likes and needs.
In fact, I’m not a “thing” at all.
I am not a body to use.
I am not a face to show off to your friends.
I am not a picture to pick apart with no thoughts, no feelings, no heart.
I am not a number or statistic of importance or irrelevance.
I am not something to stare at, a piece of art on your wall.
I’m not a silent puppet at your beck and call.
I am not your entertainment until you get bored.
I am so much more.
I am not a mistake or an achievement.
I am not your disposable trash.

I am not just a clump of cells.
I cannot be reduced to that.

I am human.

I am a beating heart.

I am passion.
I am light.
I can think.
I can love.
I can hope.
I am a galaxy of thoughts and words.
Layers and layers of contradictions.
I am the magic of life.
I am pain.
I am joy.
I am tears and scars.
I am imagination.
I am a million pieces that all fit together like the night time stars. 
I am more than skin and bones.
I am the most complex thing one can ever be.
I am human.

Lauren Cimorelli ~